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The post.


I don’t know how to start these.

This may or may not have something to do with the fact that you were supposed to get about five different versions of this one at various points last year or so. Truth is, I haven’t really actively worked on any personal projects in over two years. If you are seeing these words, however, I have managed to at least put together a couple of paragraphs explaining both what has been and hasn’t been going on. So there’s that.

Here goes…


bktGlitch 1.3 is here. Cool.

Hello. I’ve basically done a complete rewrite of bktGlitch, hopefully improving performance and compatibility in the process.
It’s also free now, so I don’t feel obligated to respond to emails.
That is all. Sorry it took three years. Enjoy.

> Get

Don’t use the GameMaker Marketplace, it’s been broken for years.

Re: My Lost Marbles - Parts I & II

Previously unreleased 2017 material cobbled together with some degree of effort, with public domain sounds slapped on top. It’s minimalist scratchy sampley stuff, not the greatest, but not the worst, either.