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Melodoodler Demo


Against all odds, I have returned to an old project!

I originally wrote this lil’ cute (♥) piano roll thing years ago when my C/C++ experience was limited but my desire to write homebrew software higher than what could be considered healthy. I always wanted to make it into a full thing; so last week, after I’d just bought my new PC (my Radeon 7770 just wasn’t cutting it any longer, sorry), I figured it would be an appropriate time to have a spontaneous ‘oh what the hell’ moment. The video above is the result of that! Unlike the demo posted back then, which for some reason has since then been shown to basically everyone in the recommended tab (the reasons for this remain unclear to me and I think to the people at Google also), this new iteration features a fancier UI (-ish), better overall handling and some form of saving/loading. To be perfectly honest, I spent most of my time going to town de-OOPing this thing because some people with degrees forced into my head back then that it’s generally a good idea to design your programs around theoretically usable object hierarchies rather than focusing on solving the problems you’re actually trying to tackle (a wild idea, indeed). No more Singletons.

Trying hard to keep things simple is my #1 priority.

No fancy features - 256 pattern limit, copy/paste/delete/insert, one wavetable per song and a couple of save slots. And it’s just gonna sound like this. I’ll leave the task of figuring out how to make something good with it to the user.

That’s fun.