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memdump #06: okay, fine.


As is tradition, the thing formerly at the back of my mind has been steadily making its way up to the front again, so here I am; long overdue, as always. With zero discipline, getting things done in a manner not too dissimilar to writing a response to an email you should’ve sent months ago.


memdump #05: annual balloon day.

First up, I’m managing. Not doing exactly well, but good enough to still be able to switch to autopilot and ‘it is what it is’ my way through for the foreseeable future, stable.


Melodoodler 0.1 now available.

I got asked by a couple of people if I could release the current version of the Melodoodler, my tiny musical toy for the NDS, so here it is!

Keep in mind that I haven’t really worked on this much since the last video, so it’s still very clunky, but it does work.

You can save your work, too, though there’s only a single save slot, and you may need to DLDI patch the ROM to make that work on your flashcart if it’s a really old one.

 Melodoodler 0.1 ROM